Carbide reamers DIN 8093

Carbide machine reamers K 10 Micrograin, similar DIN 8093, from Ø 0.20, every 0.01 mm, available ex-stock, with or without ACUREA hard surface coating. More information...


HSS-E reamers DIN 8089

Reamers for automatic lathes HSS-E, straight NC-shank h6 in whole mm-sizes, every 0.01 mm, available ex-stock, with or without hard surface coating ACUREA. More information...

Precision reamers

Precision reamer for single use or volume production, on conventional machines, turning centres or machining centres.

DIN212 / DIN8089 HSS-E with or without hard surface coating ACUREA available every 0.01 mm from Ø 0.60 up to 20.05 mm. More information...


Floating holders

Floating holders with cylindrical, taper, VDI or HSK shank. Axis parallel, for high performance reaming.

Accurate positioning and self centering of the reamer, highest accuracy and surface finish, improved tool life and better tolerance limitations, improved efficiency due to cost and time savings. More information...


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