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RE-AL Ltd - Delivery terms

In Swiss francs, per piece. Excluding: taxes, packing, transport costs, insurance, ex Biel.
As per our catalogue prices.
Special quotations are valid for 3 months.

From stock or, for tools not available from stock, following quotation or order confirmation.
Cancellations of orders due to late deliveries will not be accepted, neither any penalty claim from the side of the customer.

30 days net, without any deduction of discounts and bank charges.

All rights reserved as to price alterations and technical changes. RE-AL Ltd. retains all right of possession of the material supplied until receipt of all remaining payments.

To be made within 10 days from date of invoice.
Faulty tools will be replaced or credited and do not give any right for damages.
We do not take any responsibility neither any guarantee on our tools modified by third persons.

Special and custom production
The minimum order quantity for special tools is 2 pieces. oFurthermore, it is understood that slight over- or under-delivery of the ordered quantity may occur and is considered agreed:

- 2 up to 10 pieces = 1 piece
- 11 up to 20 = 2 pieces
- 21 up to 30 = 3 pieces
- More than 30 pieces = 10 %

Internet access and account management
We do not take any responsibility for account management and security inherent to our website or e-shop.

Place or arbitration
Biel, Switzerland


Adress and contact

Fritz-Oppliger-Strasse 19
CH-2504 Biel/Bienne 
T +41 32 343 34 20


Distribution and sales
SISO-Mecanis AG
Gewerbestrasse 15
CH-4123 Allschwil
T +41 61 481 66 44

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
07.30 – 11.45
13.30 – 17.00

All Orders that arrive before 15h00 will be delivered on the same day.



Herewith you will find some files to download, mainly in PDF, Word or Excel format :

Delivery terms RE-AL
Inquiry-form for special reamers
General catalogue 
icone pdf_4 New: XL-reamers'flyer